Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Religious Background of Gay Rights

In this excerpt from a ten minute interview, Kevin Edmondson interviews me on what I think causes prejudice against gay people and their basic human rights.

Kevin: Which leads me to my next question, what do non-gays gain from banning gay marriage and is it just religious? As in, do people maybe have their own agenda for banning gay-marriage - maybe the religious aspect is just a surface factor and they have their own reasons? Do you think there could be other reasons maybe?

Alberto: I’ve never really heard any other argument other than the religious argument and that it is just “morally” wrong and “incorrect.” But, really, what are you basing that off? Are you telling me, if you are straight, that your love for a woman is innate? Like where you born that way or did you chose to be that way? One can’t really argue like that when what you’re arguing doesn’t really have any physical evidence. But I don’t know, if you really think about - there’s no need for children. Its not like we’re losing population or we need to have more people in the world. We have an abundance of human beings. So, to sexually reproduce as a man and a woman do, our situation isn’t exactly dire at this moment. In finality, the only arguments I hear against it are religious arguments. Plus, I mostly only hear those arguments in Southern Christianity or other areas of the nation were very conservative Christianity is practiced. In the North, on the West Coast, even in Europe - not counting Russia, that’s another hell of its own - diversity is embraced and love is accepted by the grand majority. Other religions, such as Islam… well, Muslims just outright completely condemn it. But again, that’s a highly conservative society where you can get killed for just about anything that is a tad bit progressive. Jews embrace love, I know this for a fact. East Asian religions and practices, now this one is very different as it goes one of two ways - either you’re an outright disgrace to the family or you are to be loved as every other human is to be loved. Honestly, I would say religion and the social standards religion set are what have caused many people to believe being homosexual is wrong.

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