Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Work in Progress (Unit 4)

Police brutality towards minorities/injustice in the judicial system go hand in hand. Both are infringements of the natural rights identified in the Declaration of Independence and an infringement on a person’s rights as a citizen/human. Regardless of any false belief that there is equality in America, every day people, specifically minorities, are brutalized and incarcerated for nothing more than the pigmentation of their skin. As a nation we must open our eyes to these cases and understand that a change must be made. The more it is pushed under the rug the more tensions will build and the worse outcomes will become.

While it is true that not all interracial brutality committed by police may not be racially motivated, the statistics speak for themselves, especially in states/cities that hold historically racist backgrounds. It is also true that black on black (or minority on minority in general) crime is a prevalent thing that may seem under discussed in the face of interracial crime but the difference is the motivation for the murder. No one should ever be murdered solely for the color of their skin; something they are born with, unable to control, and should actually be proud of.

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