Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet The Breakfast Club

As liberal arts majors at NC State, we understand how easy it is for us to get lost among the thousands of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians present on our campus. We often feel under-represented and under-appreciated; thus, we have decided to create a blog that represents how we fit into the grand scheme of things. We want to illustrate that we are just as important as engineers and doctors: we are a driving force behind every technical profession. Our readers will find a lot of general topics in our blog that include science, art, math, etc. Yet, unlike other blogs, we will bring the liberal arts spin into our writing to show how each of these topics includes each of our views and how we fit into this multi-dimensional puzzle.

Our blog will touch on topics such as scientific controversies, different social groups, art history, and differing views on the same topics. We want to show our readers that our perspectives are just as well constructed and thought provoking as our scientific peers. Our goal is to spark your interest in something you may not have been interested in before. We hope to open our reader’s eyes to topics foreign to them, and, if they are familiar with them, we want to provide a completely new spin on them - from our view. We want our readers to sit down in their favorite coffee shop, bagel in one hand, coffee in the other, ready to open our blog and see what we have to offer. Bagel on!

Alberto Berrizbeitia

I am Alberto Berrizbeitia, a freshman at NC State University majoring in International Studies and minoring in French. My interests are volunteering, working with non-profits, listening to great varieties of music, and learning new languages (right now I’m on French). I was born in Venezuela, lived there until I was seven, then moved to Florida to later settle down in Fayetteville, North Carolina for my high school and college career. In high school I engaged myself greatly with the non-profit, Key Club International, a community service leadership focused branch of Kiwanis International, up to the point where I was elected as an International Trustee serving four districts associated with the organization and holding a spot on the International Board. My life would be obsolete without Breaking Bad, Lorde, Ferris Bueller, and Lana del Rey. I love travelling and adventuring through unknown places; my dream is to one day be able to say I travelled just about every country in the world. But first, its off to the United Nations!

Kevin Edmondson

Hello, my name is Kevin Edmondson, a fellow NC State student, and I come from the forever expanding military town of Fayetteville, North Carolina. My avid love for sports is reflected in my day-to-day life as I enjoy playing basketball as much as possible and hold the position of Athletic Director for Carroll Hall Council. As a psychology major, I consider myself a student of the mind and hope to pursue a doctorates degree with goals of becoming a psychiatrist.

Alyssa Fisher

Strong-willed, intelligent, insightful. If my posts don’t contain these three adjectives let me know, because then I haven’t written them. Born and (mostly) raised in Wisconsin, my name is Alyssa Fisher and I’m a girl with a strong accent and strong personality. I am currently studying Communication Media at North Carolina State University. I love to read and to write, and hopefully I can combine these with my third love, music. Check out my articles in Rolling Stone in ten years.

Meghan Glova

My name is Meghan Glova, I have been editing videos and attempting to get myself in front of a camera for as long as I can remember. So I guess you can say I have known what I want to do as a living for quite a while now. I am a Communication major, with a focus in media and broadcasting, at NC State. I currently work for Wolfpack Sports Television as a commentator and video editor for NC State club, intramural and varsity sports. I also host a show called “The Daily” for the station which recaps sports across NC State throughout the week. I am an extremely avid runner and have recently begun training for triathlons as well. I have the stereotypical dream of moving out to Los Angeles or New York City once I graduate to pursue a career in broadcasting; hopefully for one of the major television networks such as ABC or NBC. Although, I feel extremely fortunate to already be getting a head start and “learn the ropes” of my future career through Wolfpack Sports Television.

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